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A New Hope for 401k/403b Plans

Good and evil have battled for millenia. In the end, who wins? In movies, and in business, it's the one who is more persistent. Retail sales were forever changed by the Wal-Mart discount model of making more items available in one location, the superstore. Amazon has...

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The case for individual investment advice in 401k/403b plans

  In today's world, we can use GPS to get us to our destinations. We can ask Siri, Google Home, or Alexa for news and weather. We can control lights, locks, thermostat, and appliances at home using our smartphones. And yet, when we want to know what to do with our...

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What’s the right investment for me in my 401k or 403b?

So, you have a retirement plan at work. Great. Now what? You are supposed to pick your investments. Mmmmkay. How? Maybe your Plan Provider uses a service to guide you, or maybe they don’t. Maybe your employer gave you a brochure with all the options in it and you just...

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