imagine a 401k with

broker fees

Fiduciary support, NO revenue sharing, LOW fees
If you could start over completely with designing your retirement plan, it’s not very likely you would prefer to pay a broker, a recordkeeper, or an administrator on a “percentage of assets” basis. What if these fees could be… flat?

introducing the boss 401k

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ZERO Broker Fees

A broker is a salesperson. What sale, exactly, is “made” in a 401k? Should a broker be continually paid on the size of the account? No.

LOW Rkp/TPA fees

Recordkeepers and third-party administrators provide services like website, call center, tax filing, loans, etc. Essential? Yes. Worth a percentage? No.


Hire an investment fiduciary to provide 3(38) or 3(21) services. We’ll introduce you to independent, non-affiliated providers. Avoid conflicts.

Third-party custodian

Completely avoid conflicts of interest by using an independent, non-affiliated firm to custody all plan assets.

NO Revenue Sharing

DOL disclosure notices are exposing the many “indirect compensation” or revenue sharing arrangments among 401k plans. We have NONE.

FLAT FEE advice

Beyond education, all participants have access to individual investment advice on a per-capita, flat fee basis. Not percentage of account.

why a ‘flat fee’ 401k?

401k participant lawsuits against their employers are increasing in number and frequency (source). Pursuant to ERISA law, the employer is to act as a financial fiduciary for the interests of the plan participants.
The easiest way to demonstrate fiduciary duties are being followed diligently is to hire fiduciaries to support you. When it comes to paying for services, it’s prudent NOT ONLY to “not overpay” for services, but also to have fee models that are appropriately structured for services provided.
For example, if a fee is billed as a percentage of assets, it should be related to the investment management of the assets.
(This is where MANY ‘revenue sharing’ arrangements are hidden.)
If any service provides the same value to a participant with a small balance as one with a large balance, then it is not prudent to base the fee for that service on a percentage of assets..

it costs less. it protects you.

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