It’s amazing, but not shocking.

Banks are businesses. Big banks are businesses owned by shareholders.

Shareholders demand profits, period.

In 2007-2009, the entire banking world was brought to its knees by subprime lending, which is giving loans to people who can’t afford them by reducing the requirements necessary to obtain those loans. (You know, stuff like income and creditworthiness. Who needs that, right?)

It seems the big banks learned a lesson, but not the complete lesson.

The lesson they should have learned was to NOT to do that AT ALL.

However, the lesson they chose to learn instead was, Let’s find a way to still make money, but create a shell company in the middle that won’t have a chair when the music stops. That way, we’ll still make money and our shareholders will be happy. Who cares about the shell company?”

Here’s my evidence:

CNBC: Big Banks Have Found A New Way To Stay In The Subprime Lending Business

I’m literally shaking my head right now.

If you think banks want you to have a good credit score and become a responsible, reliable consumer, you’re wrong. This article is further evidence to strengthen my point.

Banks want you poor. They want you to keep your credit a wreck. They want you to pay high interest rates, late fees, penalties, and ridiculous other “processing” fees.

Do you know who doesn’t pay those fees?

People with high credit scores (FICO of 720+).

They aren’t rich, either. They’ve just figured out the formula.

The end result of learning how to play this game is that you keep more of your own money, instead of sending an inordinate amount to a faceless bank that doesn’t care about you or your family or your future.

But I care.

If you’d like help figuring out this credit score formula, let me show you how to play their game.

And win.