Retirement Plan Sponsors have many fiduciary responsibilities.

With diverse areas of expertise like verifying plan fees, providing individual investment advice to Participants, and benchmarking your plan advisor, it’s prudent to turn to other fiduciary experts for support.

Plan sponsor resources

Plan Sponsor Resources

Fee Audit

NOT a benchmark report. We find dirt they don’t (or won’t…or can’t). You’d be surprised at what turns up when you compare prospectuses with 408(b)2 and 404(a)5 disclosures.

Relationship Management

Marshal the horses to pull in the same direction (investment, TPA, recordkeeper, custodian). The retirement plan is only one of your many responsibilities. Get expert help with this part.

Provider Search

Independent. No fee share arrangements with any provider, ever. Find TPAs, recordkeepers, custodians, investment fiduciaries [3(38) or 3(21)], and admin fiduciaries

Are you sure all fees are being disclosed to you?

Since the fee disclosure changes in 2012, providers are legally required to disclose “Direct compensation” fees to you. But, they are not required to disclose revenue sharing or “Indirect compensation” arrangements. Have you double-checked the math from the fund prospectuses? Why would you even think to do that? Want to know what’s hiding?

Smart execs delegate

Open architecture plan designs come with lower fees, but there are also more moving parts. Instead of one or two relationships to manage, there could be five. Or, you could keep me on speed dial and let me handle these moving parts. (Don’t you already have enough to do?)

Local, regional, or national. Hire the best.

I understand the term ‘fiduciary duty’. It means you’re spending your Participants’ money and you have to account for it. RFP, low bid wins. That simple. And, when you cut out broker fees, you’ll be surprised at how fast Participants’ account balances will grow!

Lower plan fees with the "Boss 401k"

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