723,000 401k Plan Participants Were Tracked for 7 years. Does your Plan have what the top performers had?

Retirement plan platforms have improved on costs, investment menu, and educational technology. But advice for participants is still sorely lacking.

7-year Plan Study Reveals the Biggest Missing Piece for Many 401k/403b Participants

723,000 DC participants’ accounts were tracked for 7 years. Over that time, one group using a specific set of Help tools earned a net +3.32% higher return per year than another group that did not use the Help.

Read about the Help used, and how your Plan can use it too.

Your 401k with PRO help* $ 0
Your 401k* $ 0

*Dollar amounts shown are not a guarantee that those results will be realized. The calculator provided is hypothetical for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. We cannot and do not guarantee the relevance or accuracy with regard to your individual circumstance. We do not guarantee future results, and a diversified managed portfolio is not a guarantee against loss. The calculation assumes an investor using professional help will achieve greater growth compared to a self-managed account, which is dependent on a number of factors. The calculated discrepancy between “Your 401k” and “Your 401k with pro help” is based on Vanguard Advisor Alpha methodology: Advisor potential value in providing behavioral coaching and rebalancing services to client accounts.

Participants Would Contribute More If…

When asked how likely they would be to increase the proportion of their income they contribute to their 401k, these were the top responses, by percentage of respondents:


Had a better sense of how much retirement income is being created


Better understood the investments available in the 401k plan


An investment professional showed them how to invest in the 401k

The Guardian Small Plan 401(k) RetireWell Study 2.0 (2015) 

When it comes to education, we think a personal approach is more impactful.

On-site seminars followed by virtual one-on-one interaction is the blueprint to higher Participant understanding, engagement, and satisfaction. This can be facilitated for your Plan’s investment options, even if we are not presently advising your Plan.

Rule of 72

An appreciation for how money grows over a given time period allows each one to deepen his/her own understanding of “appropriate” personal risk.

Risk Number

Personal risk is just that–personal. Each one has a point at which he/she is no longer comfortable with volatility. We assess this for each individual.

Retirement Roadmap

Looking ahead to retirement lifestyle with 95% certainty helps put current investment into perspective, and often urges Participants to increase their contributions.

401k Report Card

We go beyond fund fact sheets to teach how to grade each individual investment. We want investments to ACE the retirement test, not flunk out or just skate by.

Announcing the

401k Toolkit

Give your employees access to what they need to succeed. At no cost to your company, the 401k Toolkit will empower each Participant to stay invested through the hard times, all the way to the finish line and illustrate sustainable retirement income.

Risk Number

You have your own definition of “risk”. This pegs it for you.

Comfort Zone

Advice on what investments will keep you sleeping at night, with 95% certainty.

Retirement Road Map

Contribute the right amount. Take the right risk. Retire right on time.

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