401k Report Card


Learn the “5 Questions” anyone can ask of their retirement plan to get the BEST investment options for your success.

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Retirement plans are SO complicated. We know we need to use them, but what are we supposed to invest in? How do we read those reports and get the information we need to know…without being confused and misled by the other information that’s printed for us?

Want to know what you should invest in? Want to know why your HR department can’t help you? Want to know why your plan provider can’t or won’t tell you? Want to know what questions to ask that will FORCE them to stop using jargon and answer you in plain English?

You don’t have to wonder any longer. In this brief guide, you’ll learn why retirement plans are so complicated, how you can cut through all the fluff and get right down to essential information, and what questions to ask that will help you choose only the best available investments in your retirement plan. (Hint: It’s NOT the “2025”- or “2040”-type funds).


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