My Budget Buddy


A friendly one-page tool that helps you keep your financial priorities in order. Bills, saving, and “blow money” all calculated for you and stay top-of-mind. You’ll never feel guilty about spending money again!

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The key to financial success? Hint: It’s NOT depriving yourself of creature comforts like eating out and specialty coffees.

Nope! The secret is actually figuring out how much you can AFFORD to spend on the things you love.

This simple-yet-powerful spreadsheet* calculator will be your BFF (Budgeting Friend Forever) in NO time. Simply enter your take-home pay amount, your regular bills, and watch the magic happen. Includes separate tabs for Monthly and Weekly, to help you keep track of the big picture, even if you track spending every week. Your life will NEVER be the same!

*-Microsoft Excel file format


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