Control your retirement account with thermostat-like command.

Stay in your Comfort Zone, no matter what the weather is doing.

What does “Help” look like?

When you have Help, as defined in the “Help study“, you are getting actual advice on what you should be invested in. Just you. For accomplishing your goals. Taking into account your comfort with risk.

What does “Help” feel like?

You won’t feel alone. You won’t wonder what you should be investing in, and why. You won’t wonder whether you’re paying fees you shouldn’t pay. You won’t wonder whether you’ll be able to retire on time. When you have Help, you are confident.

What is NOT having “Help” costing you?
Your 401k with PRO help* $ 0
Your 401k* $ 0
Would you pay $25 a month for this difference?

Of course you would!

*Dollar amounts shown are not a guarantee that those results will be realized. The calculator provided is hypothetical for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. We cannot and do not guarantee the relevance or accuracy with regard to your individual circumstance. We do not guarantee future results, and a diversified managed portfolio is not a guarantee against loss. The calculation assumes an investor using professional help will achieve greater growth compared to a self-managed account, which is dependent on a number of factors. The calculated discrepancy between “Your 401k” and “Your 401k with pro help” is based on Vanguard Advisor Alpha methodology: Advisor potential value in providing behavioral coaching and rebalancing services to client accounts.

The Seven-Year Help Study

From 2006 through 2012, Aon Hewitt and Financial Engines compiled the 401k/403b account performance of over 723,000 plan participants. Their goal in this study was to identify the impact of different financial service offerings, which they classify as “Help” offerings.

You’ll probably be as surprised as we were at the results of this study. This is the largest of its kind we’ve found, but we are certainly looking for other studies to either support or debunk the findings here. At first glance, it hardly seems possible that just by doing one of two or three things differently, the Help plan participants’ accounts returned +3.32% more per year, net of fees, than the non-Help participants’ accounts.

The good news in all of this is that no one needs to wait for their retirement plan to offer these Help services to them. As you’ll read in the report in just the first handful of pages, only one of the types of Help (and the least-effective one, at that) are actually part of the retirement plan. The second and third type of Help are available outside of the Plan.

That means you don’t have to wait for anybody. You can do this right now.

723,000 Retirement Plan Participants.

$55 Billion in Assets.

Accounts Tracked for Seven Years.

The Results Are Truly Surprising…


Help users taking right amount of risk


Non-Help users taking right amount of risk


Help Participants median return average, 7 years


Non-Help Participants median return avg, 7 years


Balance of $10,000 after 7 years with Help


Balance of $10,000 after 7 years–NO Help

CLEARLY it pays to use Help, when available.

Are you getting the Help you need?

Introducing the 401K TOOLKIT

To empower you with confident preparation for your retirement, we have constructed a platform of investment advice with three components:

Risk Number

You have your own preferred thermostat setting. This pegs it for you.

Comfort Zone

Investments that keep you comfortable no matter the weather, with 95% certainty.

Retirement Road Map

Like GPS. Contribute the right amount. Take the right route. Retire right on time.

I bet you’re wondering…

Why should I hire you to do this for me?

Fair question. You’ll be hiring a real human (not an algorithm). You’ll be hiring a real advisor (not a broker). You’ll be hiring the CREATOR of this solution.

Is this right for me?

Only if you want to be confident about what you’re invested in and why, how much you should contribute, how much risk you can (and can’t) afford to take, when you can retire, and how much you’ll retire with. If not, then…no.

What if things don't turn out the way I'd hoped?

No problem. You have a 90-day risk-free  money-back satisfaction guarantee. Not what you’re looking for? Refund. Don’t like my breath over email? Refund. (Did I cover everything?)

And, of course you do have other options…

Online Robo-Advisors

You get the same portfolio as everyone else your age. To them, your risk appetite doesn’t really “compute”. Ever tried talking to a robot?

Your Plan Broker

They work for the house. You’ll find they’re not equipped to help you win the game. (But they do have some very nice brochures.)

A Market Hobbyist

Friend? Co-worker? Engineer? Even if they’re REALLY good at playing the market, will they be around until you retire?

Stay On Your Own

If you’re like the Non-Help users in the 7-year study, it’ll only cost you 3.32% per year, on average. (Don’t worry, that’s only twice the difference in 22 years.)

Pick the kind of Help you want

Here’s what to expect next:

Phone Chat

Clicking the “Schedule Appointment” button above will let you schedule a convenient time for us to  have a phone call about your current plan, retirement timeline and income goals. Have your 5 Questions handy.


You’ll get a secure electronic form that will transmit data from your retirement account about your plan’s investment options to my system. With this data, I will build your proposal.


See what impact the 401k Toolkit will have for you–both now and in retirement–with 95% mathematical certainty. May the best solution help you win. (I’m pretty sure you’ll prefer me, though.)


Based on our phone conversation, if you wish to proceed, choose the package that suits you and sign up. 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.